I could live with Mick Lovell in my Bedroom

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horny old age pensionersGoompa is right, Mick Lovell is worth lusting after.

IF  I was some Millionaire, you can bet I’d be hopping a plane over to Bel Ami land, to see if I could wangle a personal vacation with Mr. Lovell.

Hey, I love his look, and his face is so full of expression, that it makes me weak in the knees, watching him.

Okay so maybe I am a bit obsessive, but look at his face, as he leans on Harris shoulder, while Harris is stroking Mick’s thick hard cock.

That only makes me hotter, wanting him more.

If I was making a Top Ten list of hot guys, Mick Lovell would be right up at the top.  Honestly, he is not just gorgeous, but sexy as all fuck.


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I Want One of Him

hot new Bel Ami boy Fabio

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cranky old geezersGoompa is a hoot, and I can imagine seeing that wet stain growing on his crotch.   I mean Fabio is definitely one of those sexy guys that is going to arouse any fan of Twinks.

All of us, have said how the face seems to attract us, and the rest, well is simply the icing on the cake.  If that was ever true, it is when you gaze at Fabio with those full lips, lovely bushy eyebrows, and swept back hair.

That long neck, thin nose and the way his hair just covers the ears, has me drooling, and yes, dripping as well.

Like Goompa, I can’t help myself. he is so cute and adorable, I just want to reach out and grab him up into my arms.

I would have to say that most of us Old Geezers are fans of Bel Ami.  In fact I’d wager that Bel Ami is near the top, if not the top, on all our lists of sites that gives us some hot twinks to drool over.

bushy lips and adorable smile


dirty old fartsBe brutally honest with yourself.   Don’t you think that when you see an adorable face, a killer smile, or a set of piercing eyes, that you get an erection happening, long before you see his family jewels?

Don’t you think about what it would be like, to be in a room with a guy like Fabio, who you are trying to get into bed and he smiles at you, lifting up that shirt to show off his flat washboard belly, rippling muscles?

Tell me that isn’t going to get you drooling, and dripping.  I know it does for me.

Imagine the fun you would have, watching him slowly strip those clothes off, to reveal his lithe body to you, in all of its natural beauty, including that uncut penis.

I know tonight, I will have visions of this hot young man, and I just know that tomorrow I will need to put fresh linen on the old bed.   Hey, I may be old, but I still have lovely dreams about some guys.  And let me tell you, in those dreams, I do get Exactly what I want, from each and every young visitor.   LOL

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More Straight, BUT

Blake from Squirtz

Blake and his penis and firm tush

horny old geezersOh are the guys going to love this sexy little number.

He will have Seymour and Goompa coming to blows on who gets to jerk off to him first, but then that is rather moot.  I found him first, and I have already blown a nice load of cum thinking of Blake.

The way his hair curls at the ends, and just, well makes me think of some innocent young man, who needs some careful guidance.  I mean in the lessons of love making.

Now supposedly he says he is “More Straight” but WTF does that mean?

Is he maybe Bi-sexual or Gay Curious?

I’d love to find out mind you, because damn he’s hot, and yes, he has all the right equipment to make any man very happy.

hot young twink who is more straight

horny old fartsThere is something about his lips, those eyes, and that fucking hot uncut cock that has me twitching.

If I know Goompa, he’s gonna be waxing sentimental over this little sex treasure, but while he does that, I am going to have a very nice evening jerk off to his beautiful young body.

I mean wouldn’t you want to imagine yourself in the room with him?

Watching him strip naked, hardly saying a word as he discards each item, one by one, until he is there, standing tall in his naked beauty?

Tell me you wouldn’t drop to your knees to service that beautiful hooded penis of his, and at the same time, hope for more than just a few slurps on that thick pole?

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