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Just think about the size of Girth’s cock.

Imagine how you would attack that sucker, just how wide you’ll have to open your mouth, to wrap your lips around the thick cock head.

Then think about wanting to feel it penetrate your own tight hole.

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Who doesn’t like a nice thick piece of meat stuffed up their ass?   BUT THAT BIG?

Can you imagine just how much that fucker is gonna hurt on the way inside?  Course, you just know you want to try it, to see how fucking good it will feel once its stretched your tiny pink hole five or six sizes bigger than it is now.

Then feel every inch of it, as it thrusts in and out, reaching for that second ring, to make you cry out in pure joy, as it busts through and reaches that very special spot.

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I don’t know, maybe it that first one hadn’t shot its load already, it could be as big as the second one, but then again, does it matter?

Amazing how dicks seem to grow so fast, become so thick & long, way before a guy reaches anything close to middle age?

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