Glory Be Another Ross In Porn | Kris Ross

Kyle Ross films his brother Kris masturbating
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Kyle Ross’ Brother Jerks Off


horny old fartsDamn, another Ross to drool over, and like Goompa, I am kind of leaning toward the latest Ross twink.

Yes, I too enjoy a young man with nice long hair, and for the same reasons. I simply love curling the long hair between my fingers, and gaining some control over their head.

Kind of helps to guide that lovely face down to my dick, or pull up on to give a nice juicy kiss to.

I love the clip too, because it shows Kyle, who is the guy filming his brother jerking off.

Guess Kris is a bit nervous, or so it seems from what he says, and it did kind of surprise me to learn that he’d never jerked off in front of his brother Kyle.  I’d have thought Kyle would be all over that, because, that Bro of his is damn hot, and hung.


Watch More of Kris Pleasing Himself


cranky old geezersYummy don’t you think?

And we get to see Kris Ross finger his tight Virgin hole, not to mention that he’s never blown his load in front of a guy.

So now the question is,  Is Kris Ross Straight?

Or could it be that he’s just never explored the option of doing it with guys?

Now I kind of wonder about these two sexy guys, and what kind of pillow talk they have? Does Kris ask his Bro about sex with guys?  Does he wonder how his Bro can take a cock up his ass?  Could he be interested in trying it for himself, or could he actually be the opposite of Kyle and be a Power Top?

All I know is that both of them are damn cute, and those dimples just get me weak in the knees.

Gets me stroking my cock too, and fuck, does dreaming of those two double tagging me, make me have one mother fucker of an orgasm.

Adorable twink Ross brothers

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 Get Off with Kris Ross as He Blows His Load


Straight Stripper Boy

Str8 stripper with gay guy

Shawn Beliveau (stripper) with Jake Bass ( top )

horny old geezersGoompa is an absolute Romantic.  He sees romance everywhere, which is all well and good, but honestly, I think he carries it all a bit too far.  I mean he is always spouting off about his “special friends” that he adores, even calls his love interests.

Truth is, they are willing to satisfy his sexual needs, but it comes with a price.

Now here comes Shawn Beliveau, a Stripper in a bar, and Jake Bass, gay and a confirmed Top, who falls for this supposed straight performer.

Okay, I can see a straight guy willing to toss his clothes off before a bunch of men, after all the pay is good, and if he’s hot, gyrates that penis properly, you know us Queers are gonna be stuffing his G-String with lots of Bills.

But is he going to fall for a Gay guy as a love interest?

sucking cock

old age pensionersNow I like a good story, and yes, Shawn is kind of hot looking.

Not sure I go for his hair style, and certainly am not thrilled with Jake and his piercing, but hey, I can see a good story here.

I mean you are in a bar, see this good looking hunk stripping for the crowd, but he has only eyes for you. You can tell how they pierce your heart, how his every move seems to be aimed only at you, among a sea of other horny guys.

Hell, I’d invest a bit of time flirting with him, chatting him up, and seeing just how far it could go.  I mean okay, he says he’s straight, but the way he looks at you, the way he flirts back, you have to wonder, is that merely a way to keep the old geezers away?

Could he be, at least Gay curious?

Stripper tops confirmed Top Jake

Taking a Straight Boys Cock Up the Ass

horny old menI don’t know if it sells me on the whole straight doing gay guy thing, but damn they do have some awesome detailed pictures.

My favorites though are where Jake Bass is getting his ass drilled by his love interest, Shawn Beliveau.

The expressions on his face, tell me that is one tight hole, being penetrated by one good sized penis.

And that kind of does sell me on the whole possible romance thing.

Like would a confirmed Top like Jake, suffer that kind of momentary pain, for a lark?

I doubt it.

Buck A Day To See It All

Naughty Boy Calvin, for the right price

Bad boy Calvin dares you to pay the price

Tell Me That Didn’t Get You Horny


Sure as fuck did for me (LOL)


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