Glory Be Another Ross In Porn | Kris Ross

Kyle Ross films his brother Kris masturbating
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Kyle Ross’ Brother Jerks Off


horny old fartsDamn, another Ross to drool over, and like Goompa, I am kind of leaning toward the latest Ross twink.

Yes, I too enjoy a young man with nice long hair, and for the same reasons. I simply love curling the long hair between my fingers, and gaining some control over their head.

Kind of helps to guide that lovely face down to my dick, or pull up on to give a nice juicy kiss to.

I love the clip too, because it shows Kyle, who is the guy filming his brother jerking off.

Guess Kris is a bit nervous, or so it seems from what he says, and it did kind of surprise me to learn that he’d never jerked off in front of his brother Kyle.  I’d have thought Kyle would be all over that, because, that Bro of his is damn hot, and hung.


Watch More of Kris Pleasing Himself


cranky old geezersYummy don’t you think?

And we get to see Kris Ross finger his tight Virgin hole, not to mention that he’s never blown his load in front of a guy.

So now the question is,  Is Kris Ross Straight?

Or could it be that he’s just never explored the option of doing it with guys?

Now I kind of wonder about these two sexy guys, and what kind of pillow talk they have? Does Kris ask his Bro about sex with guys?  Does he wonder how his Bro can take a cock up his ass?  Could he be interested in trying it for himself, or could he actually be the opposite of Kyle and be a Power Top?

All I know is that both of them are damn cute, and those dimples just get me weak in the knees.

Gets me stroking my cock too, and fuck, does dreaming of those two double tagging me, make me have one mother fucker of an orgasm.

Adorable twink Ross brothers

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 Get Off with Kris Ross as He Blows His Load


Cute Smile and Nice Cock

big dicked young twink

Cum Meet Aaron at Tyler’s Room

horny old guysThere is something about a young man, who smiles because of his pride in the size of his penis.

It isn’t arrogance, but it does make you realize how some young men are self confident, thanks to being well endowed, like this sexy Aaron.

I mean he does have a nice Penis.  It is thick, looks like it is also very yummy, and if you are into having your ass stretched, well he’s got the goods to do the job.

What can I say, but that I do enjoy a good ass fucking now and then.  It does require someone who can make me feel every inch, as it works it way towards my Sweet Spot.

I can be such a bottom at times.  lol

Aaron choking his dick

More of Aaron & His Thick Cock Here

Adorable Cutie With a Hint of Mystery

sexy new twink from Bel Ami

Tell Me That Didn’t Get You Horny


Sure as fuck did for me (LOL)


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