Big Cocks and Big Men Go Drilling

beefy men get it on
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horny old fartsYou know Porn is a strange industry. I mean when you are at a Twink site, well there is lots of kissing and fondling, but when it is a more Mature site, well hell, it is just about the sex.

Take this one of Mathew Rush and CJ Madison.

It is like, the only interest they have is to get off, and the sex is rather intense between them. Like no frills here, they just strip and get right down to it.

I can accept that, but you know, as I get older, it is more important for me to enjoy my sex partner, to satisfy his needs, as well as my own.

By the looks of it, I think Mathew does a fucking great job of satisfying CJ’s itch in his ass, but CJ still needed a dildo to get himself off.

Like, I don’t know, given how big Mathew’s cock is, how thick it is and how fucking hard he drove it into CJ, I’d have figured that CJ’s Sweet Spot would be in need of first aid.

 Watch Mathew Rush Pound CJ Madison Into Submission