Kyler Moss will do me Just Fine

Kyler Moss bottoms for Dustin
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horny old fartsBeing a fan of Twinks, you just know that in my Top Ten, Kyler Moss is going to be listed.

I mean this sexy little Bottom Bitch knows how to please a guy, both orally and anally.

After all, he really does moan quite nice, almost a whimper sound, and fuck, when you have hit his Sweet Spot, he does let you know it.  I mean the whole room shakes, from the screams of pure pleasure that escape that tiny mouth of his.

Course, his mouth does handle some pretty tasty Penises, like Dustin Fitch’s for example.

Sure doesn’t look like a small dick, does it?  Yet little Kyler sure gets his lips wrapped around it, and more.

That truly does make me ready to bust a nut, just imagining that sexy Vixen sucking on my dick, then flipping over for some hot ass plugging.


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Kyler ready to suck Dustin's cock
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cranky old geezersThat picture alone, makes me ready to cream my drawers.

The picture of that cock, just resting over Kyler’s open mouth, the tongue about to lift up and lick at that very tasty cock head, has me shivering in anticipation.

Hey, I do enjoy a good picture, and when it includes Kyler Moss, well hell, you know I am going to be ready to spew my load quickly.   Come on, you aren’t stiff and stroking yet? LOL

Kidding aside, if you stare long enough at Kyler’s eyes, you can almost imagine he is watching you, waiting for him to take that thick Penis into his mouth.  Course he doesn’t want to break the connection, until he’s made you squirm enough.

And let me tell you, I squirmed while staring at that handsome barely legal Twink.

Some guys, well they have a way of just getting past your guard, making your jaded thoughts turn to mush, because you are just way too busy imagining him in your arms, on your bed, waiting for you, and no one else.


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Gay College Friends Blow Each Other


Wow, that is what a penis feels like, I never held one before.


Oh Lord, NO you don’t use your teeth,  geez $200 is not enough


That’ll teach him for giving me a low score on my thesis, and now I got $200 to party.

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Is His Tongue That Small

rim job

stiff cock

He may not know how to really rim a nice sweet tasty twink ass, but he’s got a beautiful penis

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