Asleep or Awake Kyle is a Beauty

twink no one can resist

Whenever I see Kyle Ross, there is something about him that just gets me ready to pop a hot load.

And even when you see him sleeping (yeah okay pretending to be asleep) it just makes him look even more desirable. Honestly the guy is super attractive, but that isn’t the reason, least not for me.

Kyle has something you can’t just put into words. He is one of those rare young men, that automatically make you feel like you want him, that you need him. He is so personable looking, that even if you are as butt ugly as hell, you feel like he would still give you a smile, or even a wink.

Call it “Charisma” or whatever, but Kyle Ross is one of those guys that can give you endless wet dreams, because somehow, he just makes you think that whatever it is you are dreaming about, is possible.



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Glory Be Another Ross In Porn | Kris Ross

Kyle Ross films his brother Kris masturbating
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Kyle Ross’ Brother Jerks Off


horny old fartsDamn, another Ross to drool over, and like Goompa, I am kind of leaning toward the latest Ross twink.

Yes, I too enjoy a young man with nice long hair, and for the same reasons. I simply love curling the long hair between my fingers, and gaining some control over their head.

Kind of helps to guide that lovely face down to my dick, or pull up on to give a nice juicy kiss to.

I love the clip too, because it shows Kyle, who is the guy filming his brother jerking off.

Guess Kris is a bit nervous, or so it seems from what he says, and it did kind of surprise me to learn that he’d never jerked off in front of his brother Kyle.  I’d have thought Kyle would be all over that, because, that Bro of his is damn hot, and hung.


Watch More of Kris Pleasing Himself


cranky old geezersYummy don’t you think?

And we get to see Kris Ross finger his tight Virgin hole, not to mention that he’s never blown his load in front of a guy.

So now the question is,  Is Kris Ross Straight?

Or could it be that he’s just never explored the option of doing it with guys?

Now I kind of wonder about these two sexy guys, and what kind of pillow talk they have? Does Kris ask his Bro about sex with guys?  Does he wonder how his Bro can take a cock up his ass?  Could he be interested in trying it for himself, or could he actually be the opposite of Kyle and be a Power Top?

All I know is that both of them are damn cute, and those dimples just get me weak in the knees.

Gets me stroking my cock too, and fuck, does dreaming of those two double tagging me, make me have one mother fucker of an orgasm.

Adorable twink Ross brothers

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 Get Off with Kris Ross as He Blows His Load


Tattoos Cum Bareback and Kyle Ross

Cumming on Kyle Ross


horny old geezersI love a good picture, and what better than to see a sexy young man leaning over his buddy, watching him blow his load all over another?

Better when you know the lucky recipient is Kyle Ross.

But you know what catches my eye?   Those crazy tattoos all over the young stud who is blowing his load. I mean they are all over the place, near that nice cum shooter of his.

I guess tattoos do have their place in Porn, but while I am like the others, not thrilled by them, this particular photo just makes me ready to cream my drawers.

Hey, its a hot episode too, that features Kyle Ross getting his lovely boy hole double stuffed. And those are no pencils being shoved up his ass either.

bareback threesome
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See Kyle Ross Take Two Cocks Up His Ass

cranky old farts

 All I can say is that I think Brycen Cox & Ryan Connors are just plain greedy and selfish.

I mean come on, who wants to share a guy’s asshole, especially when it is Kyle Ross?

Besides, if I had that opportunity, I would do just what Goompa said, I would spend a lot of time, pleasing that insatiable bottom boy Kyle.

I’d give him a super hot rimming, and I’d make sure that he felt every inch of my Cock when I slid it in and out.

Hell, I’d have him begging me not to pull out, and I can assure you, I’d ram my dick in so hard, it would make him jump.  Hey, I am experienced, and I know how to pound a very lovely ass, like Kyle Ross has.

Course, I would also be very happy to give both Ryan & Brycen a taste of my abilities.  I mean they are cute too, and hey, they might protest, but I bet they would love a good hard ass drilling from me.

See Kyle Get His Ass Double Drilled

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