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Cam Fox Jerks Off at Squirtz


horny old fartsI do enjoy a young man with a nice Penis. Better if it is Uncut and I guess that may be why I am smitten by Cam Fox.

He is rather good looking dressed or naked.  Still, I think staring at that tasty uncut dick of his, is what clinches the deal for me.

Now he doesn’t seem to have a lot of extra foreskin, but I wouldn’t mind playing with it, and I bet neither would you?  LOL

Course, I’d much rather be sucking on that tasty cock, or perhaps spreading his nice firm butt cheeks apart, and having a nice taste between them.  A good rim job should get him squirming a bit, and well, make his pucker hole nice and moist.

Just the way I like them, before giving him my bone.

Wonder if he is a Moaner or a Screamer?  LOL


Cum Get Off with Squirtz Boys

A Special Blond | Jade Parker

sexy Jady Parker masturbating

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horny old geezersWhat is it about Blonds that make so many of us drool and drip precum?

Like Jade Parker there has Seymour ready to blow his load, and I know Goompa always has a special spot in his heart for Blonds like Jade, but why?

Okay, Jade is cute, has a killer smile and one very lovely Penis, but so do guys with other colored hair.  So why is he more desirable?  Honestly, would so many obsess over him, if he had Brown hair?

Could it be that Blonds photograph better?

Like having a big dick, a cute tush, isn’t exclusive to just Blonds, now is it?

Whatever the reason is, all I do know is that I love a thick penis, a young man with creamy smooth skin, and an adorable face.  Guess that means I am a fan of Jade Parker too!  lol

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Cute Smile and Nice Cock

big dicked young twink

Cum Meet Aaron at Tyler’s Room

horny old guysThere is something about a young man, who smiles because of his pride in the size of his penis.

It isn’t arrogance, but it does make you realize how some young men are self confident, thanks to being well endowed, like this sexy Aaron.

I mean he does have a nice Penis.  It is thick, looks like it is also very yummy, and if you are into having your ass stretched, well he’s got the goods to do the job.

What can I say, but that I do enjoy a good ass fucking now and then.  It does require someone who can make me feel every inch, as it works it way towards my Sweet Spot.

I can be such a bottom at times.  lol

Aaron choking his dick

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