I’d Lick His Ass | Jaco Van Sant

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cranky old geezersNow I have to say, that Jaco is one very sexy young man.  What is the old saying?  Good things come in small packages?

Well Jaco maybe a small package, but damn he’s got a lovely look to him.  I mean he’s under 5’7″ and his dick is under 7″ but he’s pure dynamite when it comes to showing his pleasure.

Like when Phillipe tongues his asshole, man you can barely see his hand stroking his dick, as he really is moving it.

I do like a guy who enjoys a good hard tongue fuck.

Myself, I’d spend a lot of time with Jaco’s tasty ass.  I’d let my fingers spread those nice butt cheeks wide, then let my fat tongue slowly go up and down that valley. I’d lick that ass crack of his until it was squeaky clean, and dripping from my saliva.

Course I’d tease the hell out of his pucker hole, before I finally let him feel the tip of my tongue push past that tight muscle, and dive inside.

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