Just Fucking Sexy and Arousing As Hell

sexy twinks making out

Scott Alexander Bones Jeremy Sanders


sexy young twinks sucking and fuckingMaybe it is the Romantic in me, but damn it, those two photographs alone can get my imagination into overdrive, and yes, get me jerking off like there is never going to be another shot at blowing my load.

I suppose it sounds daft, but honestly the way Scott Alexander wears those faded denims jeans, just has me quivering with desire.

Hey, Jeremy Sanders is no slouch either, and that is one nice looking cock he’s got hanging out, don’t you think?

Before I see them naked, I like to imagine how I would meet them, or engage them in conversation, so that they would come home with me.  Hey, its a fantasy life at times, and we all need to dream, right?

Truth is, I doubt if either of them would give me the time of day, or consider having a drink with me, let alone get sexually intimate with me.  But then, that is why we have imaginations, and why Porn is great.

It let’s a guy dream all he wants about some sexy young stud, or pair of studs.


Scott give it to Jeremy up the ass

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A Special Blond | Jade Parker

sexy Jady Parker masturbating

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horny old geezersWhat is it about Blonds that make so many of us drool and drip precum?

Like Jade Parker there has Seymour ready to blow his load, and I know Goompa always has a special spot in his heart for Blonds like Jade, but why?

Okay, Jade is cute, has a killer smile and one very lovely Penis, but so do guys with other colored hair.  So why is he more desirable?  Honestly, would so many obsess over him, if he had Brown hair?

Could it be that Blonds photograph better?

Like having a big dick, a cute tush, isn’t exclusive to just Blonds, now is it?

Whatever the reason is, all I do know is that I love a thick penis, a young man with creamy smooth skin, and an adorable face.  Guess that means I am a fan of Jade Parker too!  lol

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Spring Garden Delight

having a threesome in the garden


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crotchety old menSpring has officially arrived, when you can find sexy young men outdoors, shirtless and ready for a nice romp among the trees, bushes, and flowers.

Nothing says Spring to me, than watching some horny twinks making out on the grass, like these three budding perverts.

Honestly, is there no shame anymore, when they just go cruising in some garden, to find a secluded spot to indulge in their carnal pleasures?  No sense of Modesty?

Guess not…….. THANKFULLY !

Myself, I never can seem to find the right combination, for a good old three way shag.  My luck just isn’t as good as these young men, or even that old miser Goompa.  I wind up standing with my cock in one hand, while the other two play with each other.

Maybe that is why I kind of like this little three way.  Everyone is included, and I do enjoy a nice cock sucking daisy chain.

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