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sexy Jady Parker masturbating

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horny old geezersWhat is it about Blonds that make so many of us drool and drip precum?

Like Jade Parker there has Seymour ready to blow his load, and I know Goompa always has a special spot in his heart for Blonds like Jade, but why?

Okay, Jade is cute, has a killer smile and one very lovely Penis, but so do guys with other colored hair.  So why is he more desirable?  Honestly, would so many obsess over him, if he had Brown hair?

Could it be that Blonds photograph better?

Like having a big dick, a cute tush, isn’t exclusive to just Blonds, now is it?

Whatever the reason is, all I do know is that I love a thick penis, a young man with creamy smooth skin, and an adorable face.  Guess that means I am a fan of Jade Parker too!  lol

Buck A Day to Enjoy Jade & Friends

That is One Big Penis

Robby Ray's big penis

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Robby Ray’s Big Penis

horny old fartsMy Ass is hurting, just staring at that gorgeous piece of manhood.

I do like a big penis, given I am a bit of a Size Queen, but no fucking way am I gonna let Robby Ray get that thing close to my butt hole.   Least, not in real life, but I sure will enjoy taking that pole up my ass, in my dreams.

Kind of why I love porn so much.  I get to do in my dreams, what I’d never do in real life.

Course I wouldn’t refuse to do Robby Ray, but I think my participation would be more as spectator in reality, because damn, I doubt my jaw could open wide enough to properly suck that sucker, let alone get it off.

Now I could give him a mighty fine rim job, and maybe he’d be willing to let me slide my not so average dick inside, but no way am I spreading my cheeks for his (not in real life that’s for certain).

Sorry, I just don’t do pain well.  LOL

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Now he is damn cute and has a nice tight butt hole

Hot eighteen year old gets his ass fucked hard

horny old fartsI have to agree, eighteen year old Jacob is a hottie.

And you know, the fact that he is into taking big cocks, kind of makes me smile, as I reach for some lube and my cum rag.  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to jerk off with photographs of Jacob getting his tight boy hole stretched by a throbbing nine inch cock?

Goompa got himself a winner for this weeks Sodomy Sunday posting.

I mean first the dark haired hottie gets his face fucked by Jackson’s nine inch cock, and I do mean fucked. Just look at how Jacob’s cheeks are puffed out as he tries to swallow that throbbing dick?

Then he gets his ass totally impaled by that huge cock.

No wonder tears springs to his handsome face.  Hell, I’d be crying like a baby myself, if my pucker hole was penetrated so hard, and so deeply at the get go.

Taking a nine inch boner

See Jacob Get His Ass Stretched by Jackson’s Nine Inch Cock


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Also you can see more photos of Jacob taking Jackson’s Nine Inch cock at Average Joe blog.