Asleep or Awake Kyle is a Beauty

twink no one can resist

Whenever I see Kyle Ross, there is something about him that just gets me ready to pop a hot load.

And even when you see him sleeping (yeah okay pretending to be asleep) it just makes him look even more desirable. Honestly the guy is super attractive, but that isn’t the reason, least not for me.

Kyle has something you can’t just put into words. He is one of those rare young men, that automatically make you feel like you want him, that you need him. He is so personable looking, that even if you are as butt ugly as hell, you feel like he would still give you a smile, or even a wink.

Call it “Charisma” or whatever, but Kyle Ross is one of those guys that can give you endless wet dreams, because somehow, he just makes you think that whatever it is you are dreaming about, is possible.



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A Real Slugger | Jade

sexy twink Jade

Another Jade to Drool Over

horny old geezersLately I sure am enjoying getting my email.

So many lovely Twinks are showing up, that I need to sometimes take a vacation from whacking the old wiener.  Honestly, my cock sure does get sore some days, with all the stroking I do.

Now there is nothing wrong with jerking off a ton of times a day, but damn I never get to do much work, and hey, a guy has to pay the bills.

This is Jade from Boy Fun, in case you are curious.

Such a lovely smile, and hey check out his Ass.

Doesn’t it look so yummy in those nice white tight undies?

taking a swing with his big bat

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What a gorgeous twink

sexy brown haired twink with big dick

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horny old fartsGoompa says that Scott Alexander reminds him of his youth, but for me, it just fucking gets me hard as a rock.

This is the type of twink that really revs up my motor, and has me pouring the lube all over my erection.  Hell I could use a half a bottle, with a guy like that in my bedroom.

I know one thing is certain.  Give me a sexy young twink like Scott Alexander, and I will die a happy man.   Hey, the guy is sexy as all fuck, and better than that, he’s got a very nice Boner.

Nor is he one of those ultra skinny rack of bones.  He may not have a ton of meat on his frame, but he’s got enough to satisfy my need to caress and fondle that creamy smooth body with.  I am a guy who loves to play with my Dates, before getting down to business.

And boy do I want to play with this young stud.


sexy young naked twink

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