He is not Cooling Me Off

jock cooling off after practice


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horny old fartsFirst off, yes he is a Jock, even though he is just Nineteen.  But damn, look at that face, the way those eyes just seem to worm their way right into your heart.

Has me fucking reaching for some lube, and my cum rag.

Never mind when he reaches into that pouch to grab his cock, or how he plays with himself once he frees it from that jockstrap.   This is just one fucking horny twink, and that does make me smile.

Hey, who doesn’t enjoy a horny twink?

Not You? What you fucking dead or something? LOL

teasingLike come on doesn’t that get you hot under the collar?

I wouldn’t mind splashing some cold water on that beautiful chest, and fuck, just take a look at that soaked pouch.

Honestly, that really does make me drool.

A guy would have to be dead, to not appreciate such a vision.

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A Special Blond | Jade Parker

sexy Jady Parker masturbating

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horny old geezersWhat is it about Blonds that make so many of us drool and drip precum?

Like Jade Parker there has Seymour ready to blow his load, and I know Goompa always has a special spot in his heart for Blonds like Jade, but why?

Okay, Jade is cute, has a killer smile and one very lovely Penis, but so do guys with other colored hair.  So why is he more desirable?  Honestly, would so many obsess over him, if he had Brown hair?

Could it be that Blonds photograph better?

Like having a big dick, a cute tush, isn’t exclusive to just Blonds, now is it?

Whatever the reason is, all I do know is that I love a thick penis, a young man with creamy smooth skin, and an adorable face.  Guess that means I am a fan of Jade Parker too!  lol

Buck A Day to Enjoy Jade & Friends

He is rather cute, hung too

sexy surfer dude

horny old fartsGoompa said that Ashley here is a Surfer Dude.

Now I don’t really care, because damn he is kind of cute, and did you see how big his dick looks?

With that kind of package, I bet he sure tents those jockey shorts a lot.  I mean come on, that is one thick and tasty looking cock.

Now that could do some serious damage if you got a lot of hemorrhoids near your butt.  And I ain’t saying who, but I am fairly certain that a certain old codger we know has a few, which is perhaps why he doesn’t have many dates these days.

Also explains why he sits down so gingerly at times. LOL

I haven’t a clue about this site either. I mean if I had a hottie like Ashley there, no fucking way am I gonna share his pictures with a damn soul.  I mean come on, tell me you wouldn’t be of a mind to try and steal him away from me, if you could?

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