Like a Bolt of Lightning to My Heart

sexy Emo twink

Emo Twink Tyler Bolt

horny old geezersStrewth, as the Brits might say, because damn Tyler Bolt has hit me like a lightning bolt.

I absolutely adore that face and hey, that body is kick ass.   Wouldn’t you like to be fondling that sexy young Twink?

I said it on Monday, that these days I am striking pure jerk off Gold

I mean come on, first there was Jade and now Tyler Bolt?

Not sure I like him with that lip piercing, but those studs do come out, and besides, I’d be concentrating on getting something else out, like that yummy looking cock.

By the way, did you know that using lotion with Aloe Vera can help friction burns on the old Pecker?

Ever since I started using it, the burning pain after a few extra strokes goes away.  Course I still use regular lube, but afterwards, well hey, I need something to cool off with.

Maybe Tyler can recommend something?  LOL

Emo Twink showing off his beautiful body

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