I could live with Mick Lovell in my Bedroom

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horny old age pensionersGoompa is right, Mick Lovell is worth lusting after.

IF  I was some Millionaire, you can bet I’d be hopping a plane over to Bel Ami land, to see if I could wangle a personal vacation with Mr. Lovell.

Hey, I love his look, and his face is so full of expression, that it makes me weak in the knees, watching him.

Okay so maybe I am a bit obsessive, but look at his face, as he leans on Harris shoulder, while Harris is stroking Mick’s thick hard cock.

That only makes me hotter, wanting him more.

If I was making a Top Ten list of hot guys, Mick Lovell would be right up at the top.  Honestly, he is not just gorgeous, but sexy as all fuck.


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