He is not Cooling Me Off

jock cooling off after practice


More Hot Cocks Being Cooled Off


horny old fartsFirst off, yes he is a Jock, even though he is just Nineteen.  But damn, look at that face, the way those eyes just seem to worm their way right into your heart.

Has me fucking reaching for some lube, and my cum rag.

Never mind when he reaches into that pouch to grab his cock, or how he plays with himself once he frees it from that jockstrap.   This is just one fucking horny twink, and that does make me smile.

Hey, who doesn’t enjoy a horny twink?

Not You? What you fucking dead or something? LOL

teasingLike come on doesn’t that get you hot under the collar?

I wouldn’t mind splashing some cold water on that beautiful chest, and fuck, just take a look at that soaked pouch.

Honestly, that really does make me drool.

A guy would have to be dead, to not appreciate such a vision.

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