Jay J is Damn Adorable

twink dreaming of sex


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honry old fartsUnlike Seymour and the others in our little group, a single picture or two can get me spewing all over the place.

And NO I don’t suffer from Premature Ejaculation either.

I am just a very sexual Man, who can appreciate the nuances of a tasty picture, like the one above of Jay J.

I mean look at his face, at the small curl around his lips, while he rests his hand over his Penis.  He knows we are looking, he knows what we want to see, but he’s going to make us wait, make us squirm.

Like that totally gets me aroused.  Course the other picture, of him reaching under those shorts, to take hold of his Penis, is just as Erotic.

horny twinks jerks off


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crankly old geezersThe more I stare at him, the hornier I get.

I love a young man who is thin, has nice smooth unmarred flesh, and is a bit of a tease.

Jay J is more than just ‘a bit of a tease’ but damn it, with that look, that body, and that Penis, well he can tease as much as he wants to.

Thing is, when he stops teasing, he is one very active sex machine, and frankly I’d love to have him in my bedroom.  I think, despite my age, that I could pop more than once or even twice, with his help.

I know that for me, Jay J is gonna haunt my dreams tonight, simply at how cute he looks, never mind how damn nice his ass is, or how that Cock is so lip smacking gorgeous.

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