Campy and Still Hot

cranky old geezersI am like Goompa, I love some fun during sex, and if I can’t get me a live one to play with, well I kind of like to have some fun when I jerking off.

Lollipop Twinks kind of gives me that, with the big lollipops the young men are sucking on, or holding, while something more tasty is being sucked.     A Penis!  lol

Still, I think I get a lot more fun when the photos (or videos) feature Preston Andrews.  I mean he is campy, and I bet, in real life, he is a hoot.

Something about a skinny young guy, who can drill an ass like he was a Drill Sergeant in the Marines, that makes me grin, and blow a nice load afterwards.

Ain’t that what porn is supposed to do? LOL

sweet and horny young twinks

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