He is rather cute, hung too

sexy surfer dude

horny old fartsGoompa said that Ashley here is a Surfer Dude.

Now I don’t really care, because damn he is kind of cute, and did you see how big his dick looks?

With that kind of package, I bet he sure tents those jockey shorts a lot.  I mean come on, that is one thick and tasty looking cock.

Now that could do some serious damage if you got a lot of hemorrhoids near your butt.  And I ain’t saying who, but I am fairly certain that a certain old codger we know has a few, which is perhaps why he doesn’t have many dates these days.

Also explains why he sits down so gingerly at times. LOL

I haven’t a clue about this site either. I mean if I had a hottie like Ashley there, no fucking way am I gonna share his pictures with a damn soul.  I mean come on, tell me you wouldn’t be of a mind to try and steal him away from me, if you could?

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