That is One Big Penis

Robby Ray's big penis

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Robby Ray’s Big Penis

horny old fartsMy Ass is hurting, just staring at that gorgeous piece of manhood.

I do like a big penis, given I am a bit of a Size Queen, but no fucking way am I gonna let Robby Ray get that thing close to my butt hole.   Least, not in real life, but I sure will enjoy taking that pole up my ass, in my dreams.

Kind of why I love porn so much.  I get to do in my dreams, what I’d never do in real life.

Course I wouldn’t refuse to do Robby Ray, but I think my participation would be more as spectator in reality, because damn, I doubt my jaw could open wide enough to properly suck that sucker, let alone get it off.

Now I could give him a mighty fine rim job, and maybe he’d be willing to let me slide my not so average dick inside, but no way am I spreading my cheeks for his (not in real life that’s for certain).

Sorry, I just don’t do pain well.  LOL

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