Kyler Moss gets Bitten and Boned Hard by Preston Andrews

Hitting Kyler's Sweet Spot

dirty old menHow do they do it?

No way I could hold onto some all day sucker, while getting my ass drilled by a hottie like Preston Andrews.  Nor could I hold onto it, if I was fucking Kyler Moss.

Hell, if I got that lucky, I don’t even know if I’d get anxiety fright and wind up with a limp dick.

Now Daddy Sweet Tooth is ranting about how Kyler is a Vixen and Preston is a bit campy, but you know, no matter what they are, I do love the way they show off their sexual abilities.

But what is up with the changes in hair color?

I liked Preston more blond and now, well to my ancient eyes, his hair looks orange.  Maybe I Seymour is right, I should go get my eyes checked out.  LOL

He is the Top

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cranky old geezersStaring at Preston biting on Kyler’s arm, pulling the skin up with his teeth, makes me rather horny.

It also makes me think about having Kyler in my clutches, in showing him that I am HIS TOP, and that he is there to Service me.

You know, showing a bit of Control.

Course if we are talking ‘control’ then the real Control Freak in our little group is Seymour.  Though Goompa does give him a good run for that title too.  LOL

Which is all besides the point.  Thing is, I can imagine slapping that lovely ass hard, leaving a big red paw print on it, while I penetrate that boy hole of his, driving my cock deep into him, until he cries out in pure pleasure.

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