Living Dead Stalking Sexy Twinks

hot twinks get sucked and fucked by Vampires

horny old fartsOnly Goompa can make me laugh, and horny at the same time.

I’ve never been one for scary movies, but I do like Campy stuff, like Rocky Horror Show.  And now, thanks to Goompa, I might have another campy bit to watch, with Twinklight.

Hey, they have some cute young twinks, like Wily our Vampire and Mark, his soon to be victim.

It is campy enough and filled with some pretty decent young men, who do more than just grunt and groan, that it actually does make me horny.

And that is a good thing.

getting off on his victim

Thirty Day Trail for Just $20

dirty old geezersThat Mark Winters (the victim) is kind of cute.  And you know, that is the one single thing that makes this a rather fun episode, or site actually.

Honestly, don’t you get tired of hearing nothing but moans and groans from the guys?

Some sites, its even canned, or dubbed in after.  Maybe that is why I enjoy a good interview bit before the sex, because you get to hear them speak.

Well with Twinklight, you get a bit of acting.  Now like Goompa pointed out, these young twinks are no Boris Karloff in the making, but damn, it just sort of makes the whole thing work.

The other thing is, I like the fangs.

Course seeing them dripping fake blood kind of makes me queasy, it is just an age thing.  As a kid, I’d get awfully woozy, just from the blood of a cut finger.

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