Spring Garden Delight

having a threesome in the garden


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crotchety old menSpring has officially arrived, when you can find sexy young men outdoors, shirtless and ready for a nice romp among the trees, bushes, and flowers.

Nothing says Spring to me, than watching some horny twinks making out on the grass, like these three budding perverts.

Honestly, is there no shame anymore, when they just go cruising in some garden, to find a secluded spot to indulge in their carnal pleasures?  No sense of Modesty?

Guess not…….. THANKFULLY !

Myself, I never can seem to find the right combination, for a good old three way shag.  My luck just isn’t as good as these young men, or even that old miser Goompa.  I wind up standing with my cock in one hand, while the other two play with each other.

Maybe that is why I kind of like this little three way.  Everyone is included, and I do enjoy a nice cock sucking daisy chain.

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