Orgasm Special | Seth Knight and Justin Lebeau

nothing like getting fucked by Justin Lebeau,

Let Seth, Justin, & Videoboys Get You Off

horny old fartsI can understand why Seymour and Goompa are having a duel over Seth Knight.

He is a very handsome young man, with a really cute boyish face.   Course I also get why Goompa is so enamored over Justin Lebeau.

In his own right, Justin is a cutie, but he’s got a more fun loving look, than boyish.

Still, pairing them together is definitely got me pumping the old love handle.

Now I am not like either Seymour or Goompa, and jerking off once or twice to these photos will be enough.   Mind you, I most likely will come back to revisit them another day.   I mean come on, they are worthy of being repeat jerk off material.

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