Asleep or Awake Kyle is a Beauty

twink no one can resist

Whenever I see Kyle Ross, there is something about him that just gets me ready to pop a hot load.

And even when you see him sleeping (yeah okay pretending to be asleep) it just makes him look even more desirable. Honestly the guy is super attractive, but that isn’t the reason, least not for me.

Kyle has something you can’t just put into words. He is one of those rare young men, that automatically make you feel like you want him, that you need him. He is so personable looking, that even if you are as butt ugly as hell, you feel like he would still give you a smile, or even a wink.

Call it “Charisma” or whatever, but Kyle Ross is one of those guys that can give you endless wet dreams, because somehow, he just makes you think that whatever it is you are dreaming about, is possible.



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Doc Ewan Probes Patient Julian

Doc makes sure the foreskin stretched

Full Medical Exam for Sexy Julian
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How come I never get a cute looking Doctor like Julian does?

Ewan Rossi seems a bit young to be a fully qualified Doctor, but somehow I doubt if his Patient gives a rat’s ass about his Medical Degrees.  I think he’s got a think for that big cock behind the white lab coat.

Then again, I don’t blame him.  Do you?

Besides, he does seem to be very thorough in his examination of that tasty skinny twink body.  Myself, I’d be examining the foreskin closer, and I’d certainly want to examine that tasty butt crack a bit closer.


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Just Fucking Sexy and Arousing As Hell

sexy twinks making out

Scott Alexander Bones Jeremy Sanders


sexy young twinks sucking and fuckingMaybe it is the Romantic in me, but damn it, those two photographs alone can get my imagination into overdrive, and yes, get me jerking off like there is never going to be another shot at blowing my load.

I suppose it sounds daft, but honestly the way Scott Alexander wears those faded denims jeans, just has me quivering with desire.

Hey, Jeremy Sanders is no slouch either, and that is one nice looking cock he’s got hanging out, don’t you think?

Before I see them naked, I like to imagine how I would meet them, or engage them in conversation, so that they would come home with me.  Hey, its a fantasy life at times, and we all need to dream, right?

Truth is, I doubt if either of them would give me the time of day, or consider having a drink with me, let alone get sexually intimate with me.  But then, that is why we have imaginations, and why Porn is great.

It let’s a guy dream all he wants about some sexy young stud, or pair of studs.


Scott give it to Jeremy up the ass

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